The Litovsky Family Donation Fund

The tragic story of Alfie Evans has inspired me to think harder about the social issues that typically lead to this and similar tragedies. I felt very angry that a precious little baby was murdered by an arrogant government that had no respect for G-d, for the sanctity of life, for individual freedom and parental rights. Alfie’s story is by no means an isolated case – rather, the culture of death and violations of rights are becoming a dangerous trend in the Western world. In Alfie’s memory, I want to do something to help continue his fight and to help others defend the rights that Alfie was denied. Inspired by Alfie Evans, Kon and I have set up a yearly charity fund to donate to causes that defend individual freedoms, family rights, and the sanctity of life.

I have decided to donate to 3-4 charities each year. There are many honorable and well-respected organizations that fight for the causes I support, so each year we may donate to different organizations or to the same ones.

Many people are worried about charity fraud, some are also concerned that their donations might be wasted on administrative expenses or pensions for the managers rather that spent directly for the cause. I have picked organizations that I know and trust. I see the work they do, I know that they have a reputation for being trustworthy, and I have full confidence that these organizations will indeed use my money to help others and to support the causes I am passionate about.

After careful consideration, I have donated to the following organizations this year:

LifeSiteNews, my favorite website for many years, is an online media service that provides extensive coverage on culture, life, and family matters in North America and the rest of the world. Many of their articles have been an eye opener for me. Thanks to them, I have learned a lot about current social issues threatening family rights and sanctity of life and marriage, the issues of abortion, bioethics, euthanasia, and many others. I appreciate their honest and credible journalism and respect their courage and dedication to reporting on issues that, in the mainstream media, receive a very biased coverage or no coverage at all. LifeSiteNews were my only trusted source of information about Alfie. I  have donated to LifeSiteNews to help them continue covering important social issues and educating other people like me.

To donate to LifeSiteNews, follow this link to be taken to their Donations page. At the time of writing, they accept donations by mail or phone only.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Conservative-leaning Alliance Defending Freedom is a nonprofit network of attorneys that provide legal defense for religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family rights in America and around the world. They also fund cases, train attorneys, engage in advocacy, and provide information and resources for the public.

It was heartbreaking to see Alfie’s family lose all their legal battles in all courts. Needless to say, Alfie’s story has inspired me to support an organization that provides legal help to defend the sanctity of life and parental rights for families like Alfie’s. In Alfie’s memory, I wanted to donate to fund legal help for other families in a similar situation as Alfie’s, so they don’t have to go through the same legal nightmare. I was even more compelled to help the Alliance after reading that ADF was banned by hateful Leftist activists from participating in Amazon’s charity program. I have donated to the Alliance not only to help other families, but also to  show my support for fellow conservatives who were facing hate and bullying.

You can donate to Alliance Defending Freedom on their Donation page.

National Vaccine Information Center

I believe that Alfie’s deteriorating condition was caused by vaccine damage. I have read numerous other tragic stories of children’s death or severe disability. These stories all began the same way: a child was born healthy, but after 2-4 months or later suddenly became nonverbal, started having seizures, could not focus her gaze, or died for no apparent reason. There is a high probability that such severe problems in healthy children are triggered by environmental factors, primarily vaccines. Vaccine damage is widely discussed by parents and medical professionals, and even vaccine manufacturers acknowledge the risk, as evident from reading vaccine inserts. Yet, most parents are unaware of vaccine risks. National Vaccine Information Center is one of several high-profile organizations dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and advocating for informed vaccine choice. What if Alfie’s tragedy, as well as many others, could have been prevented by avoiding vaccines? My passion about vaccine education, my support for vaccine choice, and my grief for Alfie and other children who suffered vaccine injury have compelled me to donate to National Vaccine Information Center. I hope that my donation will support their education and outreach programs and help inform other parents about the risks of vaccines.

Follow this link to donate to National Vaccine Information Center.

I hope that Kon and I will be able to continue our donation program every year from now on. Join us in supporting these or similar organizations that advance our common cause: informed consent, freedom of choice, and individual rights for all!