The COVID-19 Conspiracy Myth

In my Facebook news feed, I see a lot of conspiracy theories claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic was centrally planned in order to take control over our lives, health, rights and freedom. First of all, it’s nearly impossible for a single entity to plan and execute something like this at such a global scale. Thankfully, the world remains a pretty decentralized place. More importantly, taking control over our lives, health, rights and freedom has been going on for decades under our very noses, and most of us just didn’t see it. The COVID-19 pandemic happens to be only an opportunity to accelerate the process.

Many people fall for these conspiracy theories, which shows that our Western society is in denial. It’s easier for us to believe that there is some secret club, New World Order or whatever you call it, that pulls the strings behind the curtains. That belief allows us to assign blame to some abstract enemy. The reality is much more complicated. There is no global conspiracy, only people’s stupidity, incompetence, coverup of facts, political agendas, opportunism, panic, fear, knee-jerk decisions. I am pretty sure that the Chinese leaked coronavirus out of their labs due to sheer incompetence – just like the Chernobyl disaster happened due to error and incompetence. Being the police state they are, they tried to cover up the disaster just like the Soviet Union tried to cover up Chernobyl. More and more people were getting ill in Europe, so the countries looked at how China locked down Wuhan and implemented similar lockdown measures based on flawed models and panic that was readily exaggerated by the media. When it all began, I remember that plenty of people were fooled into thinking that the crisis was worse that it turned out to be. I also remember that plenty of people were willing to give up their rights for “safety.” It’s part of human nature to panic, to believe what you are shown, to seek safety. Of course, governments – particularly Leftist governments at the country or, as in the US, at the state and city level – seized the opportunity, tried to grab more and more control, and to take away more and more of our freedoms. Again, no global conspiracy here. This is what the Left has always craved – to control and to take away our rights. They simply seized the opportunity to do so.

When we buy into global conspiracy theories, we assign blame to some abstract underground “global government” and refuse to accept the inconvenient truth. The inconvenient truth is that many of our neighbors and friends will gladly give up your and their rights, will gladly accept any tyranny in exchange for promised safety, and will gladly spy on you and report you if you don’t comply. You don’t need any global government to force them to do that – they will happily do that themselves. That’s also part of human nature – to conform and to dislike anyone who doesn’t. The inconvenient truth is that our own countries have plenty of Leftist groups that have been pushing tyranny and government control for decades while we have been ignoring that, blaming instead some secret world government.

As the saying goes, the simplest explanation is usually best. Stop complicating things with conspiracy theories when there are more obvious and simpler explanations for the crisis and the tyranny we ended up in. Rather, vote and fight back against the Leftist forces and the Leftist ideologies in our own midst. They – not some secret global government – are the ones that forced the tyranny upon you.