Should You Talk to Kids About Politics?

I find it funny that even the kids in my children’s BJJ class discuss politics, so every time my kids come back they announce to me whose parents are voting for whom! But really, it shows how heated things have become before this upcoming election. Which brings up a good point: should parents discuss politics with kids?

It’s a matter of personal preference but yes, I absolutely do discuss politics with my kids. It’s part of our homeschool civics education. I believe that kids should know what is happening in their country and understand the ideologies that are now at war with each other. Because at least in America, the political battle is all about the battle of opposing ideologies: socialism vs capitalism, pro-life vs pro-abortion and so on. Kids are affected by politics and policies just as much as everyone else, so it’s only fair that we guide them and explain what’s going on. It’s unfair to leave them in the dark and hope that we can somehow shield them from things that affect them directly. As future citizens, it’s essential that they understand and learn about their country so they can make informed voting decisions when they grow up.

Should parents “impose” their political views on their children? Well, it’s a question of personal parenting philosophy but I believe that it’s the duty of parents to teach values to their kids, and when it comes to a point when political choices are based on values, then yes, sure. If pro-life is your value and you teach your values to your kids then yes, you should also teach them to vote for pro-life politicians. Because what’s the point of teaching them a value but not the tools (such as voting) to implement that value in real life?

If you don’t teach your children about politics and proper political choices based on values, then who will? If you don’t do it, teachers in school and professors in college will do it for you. Knowing that schools and colleges have turned into places of extreme Leftist indoctrination, you probably would rather teach your kids about politics yourself. Kids understand more than we think so really, it’s never too early to start.