Saving Our Children from the Institution. Dedicated to Alfie Evans.

When you can’t do anything to help a child who is suffering at the hands of an evil system in a faraway land, don’t feel useless. You can do five things: 1) Pray for the child, 2) Hold your own children tighter and do everything you can to protect them, 3) Work hard, make lots of money and donate a sizeable amount to help save other children, 4) Use your voting power to keep a similar evil system from establishing itself in your own country, 5) Write to inspire people to bring about change that will help prevent similar tragedies. I am trying to do all these things. This article, that I write with tears in my eyes, is dedicated to Alfie Evans and his brave parents who became victims of the institutionalized evil.

Alfie Evans is a 23-month old British infant from Liverpool who is currently at Alder Hey Hospital in the PICU. He has been hospitalized continuously since December 2016, dealing with chronic seizures of an undiagnosed disorder. The hospital has given up on him. Alfie’s parents have been fighting a long and desperate legal battle to get the hospital to release Alfie and allow him to fly to Rome, where a Vatican hospital Bambino Gesù (among several other hospitals) has agreed to take Alfie in and care for him. You would think that if another hospital is willing to provide a medical team to fly the baby in and treat him, then what’s the problem? But the parents have lost every court case they filed. Alder Hey and the British courts don’t want to release Alfie, they want to withdraw ventilation to end Alfie’s life. They argue that Alfie’s condition is untreatable (though how do they know, if his illness is undiagnosed?!) and that it’s in Alfie’s “best interest” to remove his ventilator and let him die. However, it is evident from the information and videos shared on social media by Alfie’s father Thomas Evans that Alfie is not in pain and is not suffering. Rather, he is stretching, opening his eyes, responding to voice, and sucking on his pacifier. He doesn’t look like a baby who is dying! According to Thomas, even the judges agree that Alfie “looks like a normal boy. However, their paperwork still says his brain no longer exists, his life is futile, he may not be allowed to go, but must be made to die.”

As a parent, how would you feel if your sick child was moving, stretching, sucking his pacifier, responding to your voice, and showing signs of life, and yet some bureaucrat, to whom your child is no more than a piece of paperwork, said that your evidence doesn’t matter, that your child’s life is futile and he must die? How would you feel if you were blocked by police when you tried to remove your child from the hospital? How would you feel if there was nothing you could do to save your child, no matter how hard you tried?

The story of Alfie Evans is not just extremely heartbreaking and emotionally devastating. This story should be a horrifying wake up call to all parents and citizens living in the Western countries. This call is so clear that even those people who support the liberal ideas can’t avoid seeing how evil these ideas are. You can’t make up excuses for the system anymore. This one single story of a poor British child combines everything that’s wrong with a Leftist G-dless state, where tragedies like Alfie’s are inevitable.

Drug Induced Damage

I don’t know Alfie’s medical history, but based on the information available, he was born healthy, but later developed infections and seizures, could not hold his head and focus his gaze, and later things got much worse in the hospital, he continued to have seizures and spasms and had to eventually go on life support. Doctors still don’t know his diagnosis and the cause of his illness.

Aside for a small chance of hereditary problems, I don’t see how a healthy baby would all of a sudden develop an unknown brain disorder with seizures, unless it was triggered by environmental factors such as vaccines or medications. I have read plenty of books and articles about vaccine damage written by scientists, doctors, and parents who shared their stories and research. Most vaccine damage cases have one thing in common: a perfectly healthy baby suddenly becomes nonverbal, lethargic, epileptic or brain damaged after immunization, and the doctors either pretend they don’t know the reason, or try to blame the baby’s condition on other factors.

Additional damage could have been caused by medications that Alfie received while in the hospital. Based on Alfie’s photos and information posted by his father, it appears that Alfie receives a cocktail of drugs that can heavily sedate him and weaken his body. Could the hospital sedate him to prove the doctors’ point that Alfie is in a vegetative state? Could the hospital lie to his parents and the judges about the kind of medications Alfie receives? It’s possible. Once you are at an institution such as a hospital, you lose control. The hospital may lie or fail to inform the parents about treatments and medications they give to the child.

Vaccine and/or medication damage also might have been the reason why Alfie’s condition remains undiagnosed. Most doctors never admit that vaccines or medications cause harm, because they are trained to believe in vaccines and medications, and many doctors also profit from administering vaccines. It’s also suspicious that the hospital has been so uncompromising about keeping Alfie and not letting him go to another hospital. Their behavior seems illogical, unless they have something to hide. Could they be trying to cover up vaccine and medication damage, out of fear that it could be revealed and diagnosed at another hospital? Is the institution willing to murder a child, rather than let their malpractice become known?

Again, I don’t know Alfie’s medical history, so I can only make assumptions about the role of vaccines and/or medications in his particular case. Based on my knowledge, it’s likely that such damage was a contributing factor. In any case, vaccine and drug damage is a very real problem that happens to many children and adults. Even pharmaceutical companies acknowledge the risk, as you can see just by looking at side effects listed on vaccine inserts.

How to avoid it and protect your children? Research widely published articles about vaccine and drug toxicity from credible sources including Dr. Joseph Mercola or Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Here’s another good resource about vaccine toxicity and possible alternatives. Research and prepare yourself to make an informed decision about choosing vaccines and medications for your children. Even if you decide to vaccinate your own children, you should support vaccine choice and the right of other parents not to vaccinate, because when there is a risk, there must also be the right to choose to avoid that risk. Who knows? Perhaps, vaccine choice and awareness about side effects and toxicity of drugs can help keep more children healthy and out of the hospital system.

If your children get hospitalized, pay close attention and continuously keep a detailed written record of procedures and medications given to your child. Educate yourself about the risks and side effects of medications and procedures, and don’t hesitate to question the doctors and seek second opinion if necessary. Also take photos and videos if you notice any negligence on behalf of the hospital staff. This can be used as evidence in court.

Medical Kidnapping

What happened to Alfie is called medical kidnapping. The hospital denies him freedom of movement and continues to keep him despite the wishes of his parents.

Why don’t they let Alfie go? Alfie’s parents are not asking the government for money. They are not seeking to force the doctors at Alder Hey to perform medical procedures they do not want to perform.  They are not planning to continue treatment in the UK, so Alfie will not be a burden on the country’s healthcare resources. Alfie’s parents only want to take their boy back into their own custody and transfer him to a Vatican hospital. The hospital that offered to take Alfie is also willing to pay for his transport and care. For Alder Hey and the British government, there is really nothing to lose by transferring the child to a hospital that is willing to treat him. ​

Yet the hospital and the courts keep the baby by force. They would rather have him die than let him go to a foreign hospital. Why? Two possible reasons come to mind, both of which highlight our deeply troubled society. One possibility is that they want to cover up medical malpractice, as I pointed above. The other possible reason is stunningly simple, yet horrifying: they simply want control. Absolute power and control.

The police state (and, sadly, the UK and most European countries are indeed police states) cannot tolerate it when anyone challenges their authority. How dare Alfie’s parents question the decisions made by doctors and judges? How dare they want to take him out? How dare they think that family interests are more important than the authority of the government? Let’s not forget that in the UK, health care is controlled by the government, so hospitals are part of the bureaucratic system. Going against a hospital is the same as going against the government, which is something the bureaucrats cannot tolerate. For the state bureaucrats, it’s all about power, prestige and pull.  They just want it their way. The probably even know it’s wrong, yet they do it anyway because that’s the way they did things before and got away with it, such as in Charlie Gard case. The public lets them get away with it.

What can we do about that in America? Vote to prevent the government from taking over our healthcare system. Vote to keep the hospitals independent from the government bureaucracy. Vote for politicians who appoint the right judges. As far as medical kidnapping goes, if your children get to a hospital, you should immediately retain a good lawyer who specializes in parental rights. Get an initial consultation from the lawyer and keep him on retainer in case your parental rights are violated at the hospital and in case there appears a threat of medical kidnapping to your child. Also do some research and try to pick a hospital that is not known for medical kidnapping cases. Read more about medical kidnapping here.

Police Against Families

The police are supposed to chase criminals and keep things orderly in public places. But oppressive regimes increasingly rely on police to perform the dirty work of unjustified intervention in family affairs. It was shocking to see the police officers who blocked Alfie’s desperate parents from taking the baby out of the hospital. Why were they there? There was no crime happening. The infant was being taken by his own parents, not kidnapped by strangers. There was no danger to the infant’s health because Alfie’s parents brought in a medical transport team that was ready to take immediate care of the baby. The police were there simply because they were obedient servants of the government that doesn’t like giving up control.

This is just another example of police intervention in family life that happens everywhere in the United States and Europe. More and more often, the police forcibly remove children from their loving, caring parents, keep children in hospitals by force, and otherwise disrupt family life. We must be aware of this and voice our outrage when this happens to a family in our country. We must be cautious of a government that abuses its police power. We must vote for politicians who support parental rights. We must also vote to keep the government small and to keep police resources limited.

Pitting Parents Against Children

I was shocked that Alfie Evans’ case was argued in court as a matter of his interests vs. his parent’s interests. Obviously, it’s absurd to assume that baby Alfie – or any baby – can be interested in dying rather than living. But something even more shocking appears here, which is really an invention of the modern Leftist nanny state: a child is pitted against his parents, and the state claims, for no reason whatsoever and without consulting with the child, that the child’s interests and the interests of his parents are not the same. Even though the parents love the child and are capable of caring for him, the state assumes the sole power to decide on behalf of the child, without even asking the child’s consent. The state assumes it knows better than parents what the child’s best interests are.

The Leftist state wants to divide families, because a strong family is a threat to the state. When people have strong family ties, they are more loyal to their families than to the state, and they don’t depend on the state so much. A nanny state wants to replace the parents and take over parental rights, which is precisely what’s happening with Alfie Evans and his family. As parents, we must be cautious about our rights being gradually taken away. Today, your children are brainwashed in government schools, where the state dictates what they should learn, and you don’t have much say in the matter. Tomorrow, the state will dictate what vaccines and medical treatment your children should receive. The day after tomorrow, ​your children become the property of the state, and the state has final say over their life and death.

We as parents must fight against unwarranted government intervention in family life. We must fight against the dangerous idea that interests of underage children take precedence over the rights and interests of their parents, because when the state intervenes on this issue, families get destroyed and both parents and children suffer.

The Cowardly Religious Leadership

In Alfie’s case, the religious leaders also show their true colors. The bishops and Catholic organizations of England support Alder Hey hospital, not Alfie and his family. How so? Isn’t it clearly immoral to deny treatment to a baby, to neglect a baby, to keep a baby practically imprisoned? Isn’t it against G-d’s will to deny a chance at life to a baby who is not suffering and is in stable condition? We now see that official religious leaders often lack basic moral principles and fear of G-d. They are rather busy collecting donations. They are in it for the money and ranks. They only speak out if they see a politically correct, safe opportunity to promote themselves. But in cases where it counts the most, where they risk rocking the boat and going against the official line, they remain silent and spineless. I’ve observed it to be true in many countries, including America, and with leaders of all kinds of religions.

Don’t have high expectations of religious leaders who hold official holds ranks and positions. They are just another type of bureaucrats. Often, ordinary people are a lot more moral and G-d fearing than officially appointed religious leaders. Personally for me, Elfie’s father Tom, with his strong vision, amazing courage, and persistent fight for life, has taught me a lot more than any rabbi I’ve ever known.

The Culture of Death

If you want to catch a glimpse of the death panels in socialized medicine, Alfie’s case is a good example: little Alfie has been sentenced to death by a UK death panel. The secular doctors and judges who don’t recognize any supreme moral authority want to play G-d themselves. They believe that they alone have the power to decide that Alfie will never get better and his life is no longer worth living. How would you feel if some bureaucrat decided that your own beloved child’s life is “futile” and better be switched off?

When people don’t fear G-d and don’t recognize the G-d-given universal moral code, they feel free to invent their own morality. If there is no G-d, life isn’t sacred and murder isn’t wrong.

This culture of death comes from our consumerist approach to everything. What was considered sacred before is now considered disposable. For example, our society has long accepted that unwanted children can be discarded through abortions. Similarly, many in our society think that life is a product that can be thrown away or returned, so if it doesn’t work out as expected, it isn’t worth keeping. Who are we to make these decisions, especially on behalf of other human beings?

No human on this earth gets to decide when another human’s life is futile and not worth living. No one but G-d can decide when life begins and ends. When people forget about this simple principle, we get a state where bureaucrats kill children. We need to bring G-d back into our schools, universities, hospitals, and government institutions. We need to support the sanctity of life. We need to remember and teach our children that every life is worth living, that everyone deserves a chance at life, and that ending a life by a bureaucratic decision is murder, no less.

A Kafkaesque Bureaucratic System

The Trial by Franz Kafka was one of the few books that left me deeply shaken and scared of the power of an omnipotent state (another book was Orwell’s 1984). It tells the story of a man arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed neither to him nor to the reader. How does it apply to Alfie’s case? Alfie’s life and death is similarly decided by a remote bureaucratic entity that’s not accountable to the people and that gives no reasons and no explanations for its decisions. Unlike Alfie’s parents, who sit by his side day and night and who care for him deeply, these bureaucrats don’t see him and don’t care about him. They have to feelings, no moral principles, nothing. To them, he is just another case, another piece of paperwork. Yet they are the ones who make the decision whether Alfie lives or dies. It’s heartbreaking to see Alfie’s parents desperately try to save their son, leaving no stone unturned, and yet all their efforts crash into bureaucratic barriers. As a parent, how would you feel if, no matter what you do, you can’t save your child because a bureaucratic wall stands in your way, because the judges remain deaf to your pleas, because you only have those rights that the government allows you to have, and because your child’s life are in the hands of soulless administrators?

Regardless of your beliefs about G-d and the sanctity of life, it’s undeniable that Alfie’s parents should have been given a choice. Should the parents not have a choice to refuse to remove life support? Should the parents not get a second opinion before pulling their son from life support? Should they not exhaust every possibility before giving up? Should they not have the right to claim custody of their own child? They were robbed of their right to a choice by their government, because their country has no supreme code of rights and freedoms. The people in Britain and in many other European countries only have rights as long as the government lets them.

What can you do as an American citizen, besides hiring a good lawyer to defend your rights in court? As always, vote and do everything you can to keep our government small and limited. Unlike England, where people’s rights are determined by the government, we in America have our Constitution that grants us rights and that stands above the government authority. Protect our Constitution and teach your children to cherish it. Prevent any attempts by the Left to change our Constitution and take away our rights and freedoms.

Socialized Healthcare

Only people who don’t  understand economics can think that government-run health care is good. In countries with socialized health care, doctors try desperately to keep costs down for the state due to rationed care and under funding. With a socialized healthcare system, money is the primary factor in decisions made on medical care for you and your children. Just like with Alfie Evans, the state can decide whether your children receive medical care or die.

Besides death panels, another major downside of socialized medicine is inferior care. As a web designer for private medical and dental practices, I see how hard these doctors work on marketing their practices. Just like any business owners, many private practice owners work hard to earn a good reputation, to ensure that their patients are treated well, feel comfortable, and receive the best care possible. Why do they put in so much effort? Because they want customers. When there is free market, competition, reviews, and free choice, private medical and dental practices have a vested interest in working hard to earn business. Of course, not all practices are good, there can be terrible doctors in the free market too. But the free market, competition, and accountability to their customers ensure that private practices have a powerful incentive to treat their patients well, or they risk making their customers unhappy and go out of business.

Not so with government-run hospitals. Alfie’s parents have recently posted on Facebook appalling photos of Alfie’s neglect and mistreatment caused by the hospital’s staff, such as moldy tubes, unsanitary conditions, or a nurse falling asleep on her shift. This is characteristic of a government-run hospital where the nurses and doctors are underpaid and understaffed and just don’t care, and where the bureaucrats have no incentive to improve their services and treat patients better. Why bother, if there’s no money in it, if there’s no customer feedback and no competition to worry about?

I firmly believe that a profit-driven free market is a far more moral system than a government-controlled health care. Why? Because hospitals that compete in the free market have more accountability to their customers, and they would worry a lot more about bad publicity created by a scandalous Alfie’s story. On the other hand, a government-controlled hospital like Alder Hey just doesn’t care about bad publicity, because they receive money from the government, not the patients.

How do we save our children from this? Learn from other countries like England and Canada, and vote to avoid socialized health care at all costs. We should rather have a profit-driven healthcare system where we have freedom of choice and where competition drives up quality of patient care.

The Sheeple

Alfie’s case revealed that many people who think this is an isolated case and don’t understand what’s really happening, many others side with the immoral bureaucrats, and some cowardly comply with orders regardless of their opinion on the matter. All three groups are terribly wrong.

As a parent who is fighting for your child’s right to live, how would you feel when people – not just the judges but the crowds of ordinary people and your fellow citizens – claim that your beloved child should die? How can anyone even say such a terrible thing? This happens because the schools and universities have brainwashed generations of students into G-dless people who are conditioned to blindly believe the judges and other governmental authority, who believe in eugenics and reject the sanctity of life. Don’t let your children be brainwashed like this.

Another group, the nurses and the police officers at the hospital, are cowards who follow immoral orders and are too afraid, or just don’t care, to disobey. The police officers who prevented loving parents from saving their innocent child are a disgrace to their noble profession. Likewise, shame on the nurses who neglected Alfie and who continue to follow the hospital’s protocols. Unfortunately, there are many people like them in the system. They may truly believe that the system is doing the right thing. Or worse, deep down they may quietly disagree, but continue to follow orders nonetheless. So in addition to the G-dless people who lack moral principles, we have plenty of people in our Western society who lack courage and conscience.

There are also well-meaning people who think that yes, Alfie is mistreated and his story is terrible, but this is an isolated case and Alder Hey is an otherwise good hospital. They just don’t get the full picture. Firstly, a hospital that wants to kill even one baby is never a “good hospital.” Even if that hospital has helped other children, it doesn’t make things right. Secondly, this is not about a single hospital or a single case, or even a single country. This case is eventually social and political, because a change in a single hospital or court cannot happen without a larger political change, and political change cannot happen while people still believe the Leftist propaganda and approve of assisted suicide, abortions, family courts, nanny state and socialized medicine. This is about the entire corrupt system and the immoral mindset that inevitably leads to tragic cases like Alfie’s. This is what we get for allowing our kids to be brainwashed in schools. This is what we get for allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by the media. This is what we get for blindly believing the doctors, the government, the judges. This is what we get when we allow our rights and freedoms to be taken away. This is what we get when the state is run by the liberal Left.

Violations of rights of citizens and parents happen not only in North Korea, or Europe, or England. They happen here in the United States too. Although here, the evil is not as systematic as in Europe, so there is some hope. The American people still defend their liberties and their Constitution. Let’s keep it this way.

It’s heartbreaking that poor little baby Alfie gets to deal with all the evils of the modern society. I pray for him every day. And I pray that people finally understand what’s happening and learn their lesson. We should do everything in our power to keep our children away from the institutional control that happens in government-run places like schools and hospitals. We should vote for politicians who promote the ideas of limited government, free market, private health care, parental rights. We should pray and ask G-d to help little Alfie in his hard fight for life. And we should fully and unconditionally support Alfie’s parents in their struggle, because they are parents, just like us.