How We Homeschool, Part III

We have been homeschooling from the beginning. Our homeschooling has evolved over the years from a free range, hands-off philosophy to a “there’s a tutor for that” approach. When the kids were little, we “unschooled.” There was no structured curriculum, we just gave the kids books and resources and they learned whatever they wanted mostly on their own with occasional classes and some help from us.

Now that they are older, they continue to take online classes in the areas of their interest. We also have specialized tutors for them, either in person or online. So we have a tutor for general academics and a tutor for Hebrew and piano for all the kids, and a fitness coach for the younger kids. Furthermore, my teens are very interested in starting their own businesses, so they need career advice and professional mentorship from industry experts. For that purpose, we got a game development expert as a tutor for my older boy and a graphic design/marketing expert as a tutor for my older girl. These tutors work and teach in the industry, so we hope that they will give our kids guidance on how to build a freelance career in the field, how to find projects, and how to promote oneself.

We don’t prepare the kids for college but rather encourage them to be entrepreneurs. If they want to, they will be able to take college classes or get a full college degree, but now they are rather interested in starting their own businesses.

I kinda miss the early times of wide open schedules and the little kids playing and learning spontaneously all day. Our schedule now is a lot more packed and fast-paced. But life is also more fun, now that the kids learn new and exciting things every day and I get to watch them advance toward their dreams, broaden their horizons, interact with knowledgeable people, and teach me a thing or two!

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