Homeschooling vs. Schooling: Two Different Goals

I don’t think that homeschooling is necessarily superior to schooling. True, many schools have problems, such as too much sedentary time indoors, political brainwashing, poor quality of instruction, perverted sex ed, bullying. But if you can somehow find a nice private or charter school without all these problems, then everything will probably be fine. Absent these negative factors associated with most schools, the homeschooling model is not necessarily superior to the school model. It’s just that these two models serve two different goals, so you need to pick the model that is best suitable for your goal.

If you want your child to get a full-time job at a company, then school and university will be better suitable for your child. The school model was designed to raise future workers who are obedient, who follow orders of the management, who know their place, and who are conditioned to work in a group. The office is a structured environment, so the structured environment of school will better prepare your child for an office career.

But if you want to encourage your child to be an entrepreneur, then homeschooling suits that purpose better. To be clear, I am talking about unschooling (self-directed learning at home) rather than structured homeschooling (school at home). Unschooling provides unstructured, open, often chaotic and unpredictable learning environment where your child has to decide what to learn and when. This is just like the life of an entrepreneur: chaotic, unpredictable, and risky. Entrepreneurs are individualists. Yes, they often have to collaborate with others and work in a team, but by definition, entrepreneurship and innovation require individual work. Just like unschooled children, entrepreneurs have to forge their own path, take risks and make their own choices and decisions. As an entrepreneur, you may have consultants and mentors to help you with advice, but you still have to make all your decisions alone. No one can tell you what to do, how to run your business, what product or service to invent, what business model to choose. This is just like unschooling where no one tells the child what to learn, when, and how. So unschooling is a better environment for raising future entrepreneurs.

Of course, not all unschooled kids become entrepreneurs. In fact, the goal of most homeschooling parents is to prepare their children for college rather than for entrepreneurship. For many families, homeschooling and schooling are simply different paths that lead to the same destination: college and office career. However, if your goal is to raise an entrepreneur, unschooling is the best path to take.