Sustainable Homeschooling

Most families in America have cars and houses, because we value independence and autonomy and want to have control over our lifestyle, rather than depend on public transportation and housing. We know that if we want to eat healthy, we cannot count on supermarkets and big brands selling mass produced food, and that’s why many people resort to buying from small local farms and markets or producing food at home. Some homeowners install their own solar panels and wells, because they like to stay in control over their water and energy supply. We all lock our cars and houses and try to be careful with matches, because we know that we cannot expect public police and fire services to watch our homes and our property for us at all times. All in all, it’s in the American blood to be self-sufficient rather than depend on public or government services. Regardless of their political orientation, Americans don’t expect the government to attend to their every need. We take proactive steps to provide for ourselves and our families, because we know that no one will take care of us better than ourselves.

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