The Litovsky Family

Who We Are

Nina & Kon LitovskyWe are Nina and Konstantin Litovsky. Together with our children, we are a young unschooling family of entrepreneurs living in Sarasota, Florida. Konstantin is the Owner and Principal at Litovsky Asset Management, a firm that provides comprehensive financial planning and retirement plan consulting services. Nina is the Owner and Principal at Nina Interactive, a web design firm.

When we were kids, both of our families immigrated to the United States from various part of the former Soviet Union. Growing up in a Jewish family in a country with a cultural and political system very different from the one in the United States played an important role in enriching our life experiences and in developing our characters and unique perspectives on things.

We unschool our young children and together with them we pursue our family’s vision: to grow our businesses; to help our kids along the entrepreneurial path; to accumulate wealth; to constantly educate ourselves and our kids about a variety of social, political, economic, historical, and health issues; and to maintain our lifestyle in line with our Jewish beliefs and our principles of religious libertarianism.

Together with our children we also practice a wide range of hobbies. Konstantin is an avid guitar player (Flamenco and Classical style). Nina loves creative photography and reading. Both Nina and Konstantin exercise regularly and enjoy watching and practicing mixed martial arts.

About the Blog

This blog is meant to be a collection of notes, thoughts, and ideas that we derive from reading, watching documentaries, thinking, and discussing between ourselves. We are collecting these ideas in preparation for our book which we want to publish in the future. The book will describe our vision, experiences, and principles regarding homeschooling (the unschooling style), healthy eating, homebirth and other types of informed medical choices, family budget, entrepreneurship, free market, and accumulation of wealth, as well as our libertarian insights into some social, economic, and political issues.

The name of the blog, “Save the Children, Save the World”, reflects the main idea that will permeate our future book: if we, as parents, save our children from the interventions by government, school, and other “systems” and “experts”, then the next generation will build a better world.

So we do our best to save our children from the institutions that are controlled by the government and the establishment of “experts,” such as schools and hospitals, by living a healthy lifestyle, homeschooling, homebirthing, and participating in causes that support individual freedoms and rights: gun rights, property rights, parental rights, homeschool choices, medical choices, and so on.

This quote from a well-known modern philosopher Nassim Taleb supports our idea for the blog: “Finally, when young people who “want to help mankind” come to me, asking: “What should I do? I want to reduce poverty, save the world” and similar noble aspirations at the macro-level. My suggestion is: 1) never engage in virtue signaling; 2) never engage in rent seeking; 3) you must start a business. Put yourself on the line, start a business. Yes, take risk, and if you get rich (what is optional), spend your money generously on others. We need people to make (bounded) bets. The entire idea is to move these kids away from the macro, away from abstract universal aims, that social engineering that bring tail risks to society. Doing business will always help; institutions may help but they are equally likely to harm (I am being optimistic; I am certain that except for a few most do end up harming). Courage (risk taking) is the highest virtue. We need entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned and follow our blog via the RSS Feed. Also feel free to drop us a line and chat.